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This function allows you to add new entries into an internal table of Tag entries.


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BOOL ACCUAPI MED_DCM_util_tag_info_add(
        const AT_DCM_TAG Tag, 
        const AT_DCM_VR VR, 
        const AT_DCM_VM VM, 
        const WORD wVersion, 
        const LPCHAR lpszTagName


Name Type Description
Tag const AT_DCM_TAG Set to a Tag value. The Tag must be supplied as a 32-bit value in which the first 16 bits (WORD) represent the Group Number and the second 16 bits represent the Element Number. Group and Element are expressed as WORDs.
lpVR const AT_DCM_VR Set to the VR of the new Tag. See enumIGMedVR for possible VR values.
lpVM const AT_DCM_VM Set to the VM of the new Tag. Value Multiplicity tells whether and/or how many items can be stored in this type of Data Element. See Remarks below.
wVersion const WORD Set this to the DICOM version. This should identify the first version of DICOM that includes this Tag. Most applications should set this to 3 but any value is accepted.
LpszTagName const LPCHAR Set to a character string name that should be provided as the description of this Tag.

Return Value:

Returns TRUE if the new Tag was successfully added to the Data Dictionary; FALSE otherwise.

Supported Raster Image Formats:

This function does not process image pixels.


It can be used for adding newly defined DICOM Tags (new to the specification) or for adding private user-defined Tags. Once a new entry is added, the new Tag works just like all other Tags do.

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