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This function obtains information about a page of a multipage file, without loading its pixel data. This is an obsolete function, see remarks.


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AT_ERRCOUNT ACCUAPI IG_fltr_pageinfo_get(
   const LPSTR lpszFileName,
   UINT nPage,
   LPAT_MODE lpFileType,
   LPAT_MODE lpCompression,


Name Type Description
lpszFileName const LPSTR Path and name of the file. The path can be absolute or relative.
nPage UINT Number of the page in a multi-page file for which the information should be obtained.
lpFileType LPAT_MODE Pointer to an AT_MODE variable in which the file type will be returned. See enumIGFormats for possible values.
lpCompression LPAT_MODE Pointer to an AT_MODE variable in which compression type will be returned. See enumIGCompressions for possible values.
lpDIB LPAT_DIB Pointer to an AT_DIB structure to which other file information, such as width, height, and Bits Per Pixel will be returned.

Return Value:

Returns 0 if successful. Otherwise, returns the number of ImageGear errors that occurred during this function call.

Supported Raster Image Formats:


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AT_MODE fileType;
AT_MODE compression;
AT_DIB atDib;

nErrCount = IG_fltr_pageinfo_get("picture.tif", 1,
    &fileType, &compression, &atDib);


This function is only kept for backward compatibility reasons. Please use IG_fltr_pageinfo_get_ex instead.

See also the section Loading and Saving.

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