ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
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Type of the ImageGear DIB header struct (equivalent to Windows struct BITMAPINFOHEADER).

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WORD        biSize;
LONG        biWidth;
LONG        biHeight;
WORD        biPlanes;
WORD        biBitCount;
DWORD       biCompression;
DWORD       biSizeImage;
LONG        biXPelsPerMeter;
LONG        biYPelsPerMeter;
DWORD       biClrUsed;
DWORD       biClrImportant;


Name Type Description
biSize WORD Total length of this struct, in bytes.
biWidth LONG Number of pixels in each raster (row) of the bitmap.
biHeight LONG Number of rasters (rows) in the bitmap.
biPlanes WORD Number of bit planes. Always = 1.
biBitCount WORD Number of bits per pixel (bit depth): 1, 4, 8, 9-16-bit gray level, or 24, 32.
biCompression DWORD Type of compression, or 0 (IG_BI_RGB) if bitmap not compressed. IG_BI_RGB, IG_BI_RLE, IG_BI_CMYK.
biSizeImage DWORD Total number of bytes in bitmap (necessary if bitmap is compressed; may be 0 if bitmap is IG_BI_RGB).
biXPelsPerMeter LONG Pixels per meter horizontally if known (else 0).
biYPelsPerMeter LONG Rows per meter vertically if known (else 0).
biClrUsed DWORD Number of entries in the color palette that are actually used. (The number of unique pixel values that occur.) If 0, it is assumed all palette entries are used.
biClrImportant DWORD Number of palette entries considered important. If 0, all are important.

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