ImageGear .NET v25.1 - Updated
UserCharacterSet Property (ImGearOCRZone)

ImageGear.OCR Assembly > ImageGear.OCR Namespace > ImGearOCRZone Class : UserCharacterSet Property
Gets or sets additional filter characters to be used for zones.
Public Property UserCharacterSet As String
Dim instance As ImGearOCRZone
Dim value As String
instance.UserCharacterSet = value
value = instance.UserCharacterSet
public string UserCharacterSet {get; set;}
public: __property string* get_UserCharacterSet();
public: __property void set_UserCharacterSet( 
   string* value
property String^ UserCharacterSet {
   String^ get();
   void set (    String^ value);

Property Value

String value.
This property specifies a set of individual characters. The characters broaden or define the filtered set of characters globally or on a per-zone basis.

The default value is "".

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