ImageGear .NET v25.1 - Updated
DetectedLanguages Property

ImageGear.OCR Assembly > ImageGear.OCR Namespace > ImGearOCRPage Class : DetectedLanguages Property
Gets an array of the detected languages on the page.
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property DetectedLanguages As ImGearOCRLanguage()
Dim instance As ImGearOCRPage
Dim value() As ImGearOCRLanguage
value = instance.DetectedLanguages
public abstract ImGearOCRLanguage[] DetectedLanguages {get;}
public: __property abstract ImGearOCRLanguage[]* get_DetectedLanguages();
abstract property array<ImGearOCRLanguage>^ DetectedLanguages {
   array<ImGearOCRLanguage>^ get();
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