ImageGear .NET v25.1 - Updated
Export Method (ImGearOCRImage)

ImageGear.OCR Assembly > ImageGear.OCR Namespace > ImGearOCRImage Class : Export Method
Exports the image to an ImageGear.Core.ImGearRasterPage object.
Public MustOverride Function Export() As ImGearRasterPage
Dim instance As ImGearOCRImage
Dim value As ImGearRasterPage
value = instance.Export()
public abstract ImGearRasterPage Export()
public: abstract ImGearRasterPage* Export(); 
abstract ImGearRasterPage^ Export(); 

Return Value

Exports the image stored in the recognition engine to an ImageGear.Core.ImGearRasterPage object. This is useful if further processing or display of the image is desired.
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