ImageGear .NET v25.1 - Updated
GetFromClipboard Method

ImageGear.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Core Namespace > ImGearRasterPage Class : GetFromClipboard Method
Creates the ImGearRasterPage by getting the image from the system clipboard.
Public Shared Function GetFromClipboard() As ImGearRasterPage
Dim value As ImGearRasterPage
value = ImGearRasterPage.GetFromClipboard()
public static ImGearRasterPage GetFromClipboard()
public: static ImGearRasterPage* GetFromClipboard(); 
static ImGearRasterPage^ GetFromClipboard(); 

Return Value

ImGearRasterPage instance, if the system clipboard contains valid image. Otherwise returns null.
Prior to calling this method, call CanGetFromClipboard to verify that there is a paste-able image in the clipboard. If the clipboard contains ImageGear's non-rectangular ROI (ImGearROIMask instance), it will be also retrieved and attached to the image as a ROI property.

Note: The supported pixel formats are 1-, 4-, 8-bit Indexed or 24-bit RGB format.

Note: The clipboard API can only be used in threads set to single thread apartment (STA) mode.

Note: The Windows clipboard does not support multiple access at the same time. It means, that attempt to use CopyToClipboard or GetFromClipboard simultaneously from multiple threads will lead to impossibility to copy/paste the image to/from the clipboard - the ImGearException will be thrown.

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