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DICOMDisplaySettings Property (ImGearRasterPage)

ImageGear.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Core Namespace > ImGearRasterPage Class : DICOMDisplaySettings Property
Gets or sets DICOM specific display contrast settings.
Public Property DICOMDisplaySettings As IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings
Dim instance As ImGearRasterPage
Dim value As IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings
instance.DICOMDisplaySettings = value
value = instance.DICOMDisplaySettings
public IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings DICOMDisplaySettings {get; set;}
public: __property IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings* get_DICOMDisplaySettings();
public: __property void set_DICOMDisplaySettings( 
   IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings* value
property IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings^ DICOMDisplaySettings {
   IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings^ get();
   void set (    IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings^ value);

Property Value

IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings interface.

The DICOM specification defines several contrast transformations including Modality LUT, VOI LUT... When ImageGear loads a DICOM image, it initializes DICOMDisplaySettings property of ImGearRasterPage class with the settings found in the file. During display, ImageGear checks for the presence of DICOMDisplaySettings, and if it is present, uses it in display processing pipeline. This allows the user to load and display DICOM images with proper contrast, without the need for extra application code.

DICOMDisplaySettings can be attached to an ImGearRasterPage class or to a ImageGear.Display.ImGearPageDisplay class. If ImageGear.Display.ImGearPageDisplay.DICOMDisplaySettings property is not null, ImageGear uses it for display. If ImageGear.Display.ImGearPageDisplay.DICOMDisplaySettings property is null, ImageGear checks ImGearRasterPage class for presence of DICOMDisplaySettings, and if it is not null, uses it for display. In other words, DICOMDisplaySettings property attached to ImageGear.Display.ImGearPageDisplay class has higher priority than DICOMDisplaySettings property attached to ImGearRasterPage class.

DICOMDisplaySettings property can be also used if the image was not loaded from a DICOM file. It can be useful for non-medical images.

This property affects grayscale images with bit depths from 2 to 31.

The type of this property is an interface with only the members necessary for displaying the page with specific DICOM display settings. If the application needs to retrieve or modify DICOM Display Settings, it shall cast IImGearDICOMDisplaySettings interface to the actual ImageGear.Formats.DICOM.ImGearDICOMDisplaySettings class.

The default value is null.
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