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Collection of metadata nodes. Processes additional verifications concerning collection structure. Used as a part of ImGearMetadataTree.
Object Model
ImGearMetadataNodeList ClassImGearMetadataNode Class
Public NotInheritable Class ImGearMetadataNodeList 
Dim instance As ImGearMetadataNodeList
public sealed class ImGearMetadataNodeList 
public __gc __sealed class ImGearMetadataNodeList 
public ref class ImGearMetadataNodeList sealed 
Represents container (list) of ImGearMetadataNode instances and provides additional verifications for stored objects. For example, on adding, new MetadataNode is checked to be non-null, stand-alone (ImGearMetadataNode.Parent == null) and not the same as the top node of the tree to which it is added.

Nodes with different Format values are allowed to be present in the same list. Multiple nodes with the same Tag value are also allowed. The list is not sorted automatically because the order of items may be significant for a particular format.

This class does not have any public constructor. Instances exist only as members of ImGearMetadataTree objects.

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