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ImGearColorSpaceIDs Enumeration

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Specifies ImageGear color space IDs.
Public Enum ImGearColorSpaceIDs 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearColorSpaceIDs
public enum ImGearColorSpaceIDs : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearColorSpaceIDs : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearColorSpaceIDs : public System.Enum 
A256Image has alpha channel; color channels are not pre-multiplied by Alpha channel.
CMY8CMY color space.
CMYK9CMYK color space.
CMYKEx1033CMYK + Extra channel.
ColorMask255Bitmask used to access color space description for color channels only (e.g., RGBEx & ColorMask == RGB; GyA & ColorMask == Gy).
Ex1024Extra channel.
Gy2Grayscale color space.
GyA258Grayscale + Alpha channel.
GyPA514Grayscale + premultiplied alpha channel.
GyPAEx1538Grayscale + premultiplied alpha channel + extra channel.
HLS5HLS color space.
I3Indexed RGB color space. Has RGBQuad palette and one channel. Channel depth is <= 8; the number of palette entries is 2^<channel depth>. No other color space can have non-null palette.
IHS4IHS color space.
LAB6LAB color space.
NONE0No color space is specified.
P512Premultiplied channel.
RGB1RGB color space.
RGBA257RGB + alpha channel.
RGBAEx1281RGB + alpha + extra channel.
RGBEx1025RGB + extra channel.
RGBPA513RGB + premultiplied alpha channel.
RGBPAEx1537RGB + premultiplied alpha channel + extra channel.
Unknown1024Only ‘Extra’ channels are present (1 or more channels).
YCbCr10YCbCr color space.
YIQ7YIQ color space.
YUV11YUV color space.
Specifies color space IDs. All colorspaces listed in this enumeration are supported for internal image storage.

ImageGear also supports colorspaces corresponding to valid combinations of ImGearColorSpaceIDs identifiers. Valid values are composed of a color identifier, such as RGB, Gy, Lab, etc, an optional Alpha and premulultiplied Alpha channel identifiers, and an optional Extra channel identifier. If Premultiplied Alpha bit is set, Alpha bit shall also be set. Only RGB and Gy colorspaces are currently allowed to be combined with Alpha or Premultiplied Alpha.

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