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ImGearPDFToSVGAnnotationFeatures Enumeration

ImageGear.Formats.Pdf Assembly > ImageGear.Formats.PDF.ToSVG Namespace : ImGearPDFToSVGAnnotationFeatures Enumeration
Enumerates the PDF annotation types that may be converted to SVG format.
Public Enum ImGearPDFToSVGAnnotationFeatures 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearPDFToSVGAnnotationFeatures
public enum ImGearPDFToSVGAnnotationFeatures : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearPDFToSVGAnnotationFeatures : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearPDFToSVGAnnotationFeatures : public System.Enum 
All All annotation types.
AllSupported All converter supported annotation types.
Annot3D 3D annotation.
Caret Caret annotation.
Circle Circle annotation.
FileAttachment File attachment annotation.
FreeText FreeText annotatoin.
Highlight Highlight annotation.
Ink Ink annotation.
Line Line annotation.
Link Link annotation.
Movie Movie annotation.
None No one type of annotation is converted to SVG.
Polygon Polygon annotation.
PolyLine Polyline annotation.
Popup Pop-up annotation.
PrinterMark Printer's mark annotation.
Redact Redact annotation.
Screen Screen annotation.
Sound Sound annotation.
Square Square annotation.
Squiggly Squiggly-underline annotation.
Stamp Rubber stamp annotation.
StrikeOut Strikeout annotation.
Text Text annotation.
TrapNet Trap network annotation.
Underline Underline annotation.
Watermark Watermark annotation.
Widget Widget annotation.
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