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ImGearPDFPermsFlags Enumeration

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Specifies permissions wanted and granted for a document.
Public Enum ImGearPDFPermsFlags 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearPDFPermsFlags
public enum ImGearPDFPermsFlags : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearPDFPermsFlags : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearPDFPermsFlags : public System.Enum 
ACCESSIBLEOverrides COPY to enable accessibility API.
ALLAll permissions, including OPEN and SECURE, and excluding page extraction.
COPYThe user is permitted to copy information from the document to the clipboard.
DOC_ASSEMBLYOverrides various EDIT bit and allow the following operations: page insert/delete/rotate and create bookmark and thumbnail.
EDITThe user is permitted to edit the document more than adding or modifying text notes (see also EDIT_NOTES).
EDIT_NOTESThe user is permitted to add, modify, and delete text notes (see also EDIT).
EXT0x80 flag (no description).
FILL_AND_SIGNOverrides other ImGearPDFPermsFlags bits. It allows user to fill-in or sign existing form or signature fields.
FORM_SPAWN_TEMPLAllows spawning template pages even if IG_PDF_PERM_EDIT and IG_PDF_PERM_EDIT_NOTES are not set.
FORM_SUBMITAllows submitting forms outside of the browser. This bit is supplement to FILL_AND_SIGN.
HIGH_PRINTThis bit is supplement to PRINT. If it is disabled only low quality printing is allowed.
NONENo permissions.
OPENThe user is permitted to open and decrypt the document.
OWNERThe user is permitted to perform all operations, regardless of the permissions specified by the document.
PRINTThe user is permitted to print the document.
SAVE_ASThe user is permitted to perform a Save As action.
SECUREThe user is permitted to change the document's security settings.
SETTABLECombination of the following operations: PRINT, EDIT, COPY and EDIT_NOTES.
USERAll permissions, excluding OPEN, SECURE, and page extraction.
Not all permissions will be granted, if the document is protected or if the document is newer version than the application knows about.
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