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ImGearPDEContainer Class

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Represents a group of elements on a page in a PDF file.
Object Model
ImGearPDEContainer ClassImGearPDEContent ClassImGearPDFBasDict ClassImGearPDFAtom Class
Public NotInheritable Class ImGearPDEContainer 
   Inherits ImGearPDEElement
Dim instance As ImGearPDEContainer
public sealed class ImGearPDEContainer : ImGearPDEElement 
public __gc __sealed class ImGearPDEContainer : public ImGearPDEElement 
public ref class ImGearPDEContainer sealed : public ImGearPDEElement 

In the PDF file, containers are delimited by Marked Content BMC/EMC or BDC/EMC pairs. Every container has a Marked Content tag associated with it. In addition to grouping a set of elements, a BDC/EMC pair specifies a property list to be associated with the grouping. Thus a container corresponding to a BDC/EMC pair also has a property list dictionary associated with it.

See Section 10.5 in the PDF reference for more information about Marked Content operators.

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