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Represents a list of elements containing Paths and Texts that describe a clip state.
Object Model
ImGearPDEClip ClassImGearPDEClip ClassImGearPDEElement Class
Public NotInheritable Class ImGearPDEClip 
   Inherits ImGearPDEElement
Dim instance As ImGearPDEClip
public sealed class ImGearPDEClip : ImGearPDEElement 
public __gc __sealed class ImGearPDEClip : public ImGearPDEElement 
public ref class ImGearPDEClip sealed : public ImGearPDEElement 
Clips can be created and built up with PDE Clip methods. Any PDE Element object can have Clip associated with it. Clip objects can contain PDE Containers and PDE Groups to an arbitrary level of nesting. This allows PDE Containers to be used to mark clip objects.

PDE Groups inside PDE Clips that contain at least one PDE Text and no PDE Paths have a special meaning. All PDE Text objects contained in such a PDE Group are considered to be part of the same BT/ET block. This means that the union of these PDE Texts makes up a single clipping path-as opposed to the intersection of the PDE Texts.

See Section 5.3 in the PDF reference for more information about BT/ET block.

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