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ImGearPDFDictionary Class

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Represents a PDF dictionary.
Object Model
ImGearPDFDictionary ClassImGearPDFBasObj ClassImGearPDFLayer Class
Public NotInheritable Class ImGearPDFDictionary 
   Inherits ImGearPDFObject
Dim instance As ImGearPDFDictionary
public sealed class ImGearPDFDictionary : ImGearPDFObject 
public __gc __sealed class ImGearPDFDictionary : public ImGearPDFObject 
public ref class ImGearPDFDictionary sealed : public ImGearPDFObject 
PDF dictionary class is used to work with the optional content. Can be manipulated in a UI to affect changes in visibility of content. It is used when an element belongs to one or more OCGs (layer(s)). See Adobe PDF documentation for more information.
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