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Hot Spot
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The Hot Spot mark enables the end user to define an invisible region in a document or image that can be used to hold hidden messages.

Edit Mode

In Edit mode, end users create this mark as follows:

  1. Click the Hot Spot button, drag the image, and then release the mouse button.
  2. When the mouse button is released, the resulting rectangle becomes a hot spot region. It remains visible while the application is in edit mode.
  3. Right-click the mark after it is created to activate the popup edit menu.

Run Mode

When a user passes the cursor over this region, the cursor changes, indicating that there is something special about the contents within the invisible region. If the user clicks while the cursor is in the region, your application sends a message detailing the information about the contents of the region.

The Hot Spot region is visible only when the application is in Edit mode.