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TrustedCertificates Property

ImageGear24.Formats.Pdf Assembly > ImageGear.Formats.PDF Namespace > ImGearPDF Class : TrustedCertificates Property
Gets or sets a collection of trusted X.509 certificates.
Public Shared Property TrustedCertificates As ImGearX509Certificate2Collection
Dim value As ImGearX509Certificate2Collection
ImGearPDF.TrustedCertificates = value
value = ImGearPDF.TrustedCertificates
public static ImGearX509Certificate2Collection TrustedCertificates {get; set;}
public: __property static ImGearX509Certificate2Collection* get_TrustedCertificates();
public: __property static void set_TrustedCertificates( 
   ImGearX509Certificate2Collection* value
static property ImGearX509Certificate2Collection^ TrustedCertificates {
   ImGearX509Certificate2Collection^ get();
   void set (    ImGearX509Certificate2Collection^ value);

Property Value

A collection of X.509 certificates.
The certificates in this collection will be used in PDF methods requiring public-key cryptography, such as verifying PDF digital signatures.
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