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ImageGear PDF namespace provides full multi-page reading and writing support for the entire document, as well as for a specified set of pages. You can detect, read, write, append, insert, replace, swap, and delete a specified page in the PDF document, as well as to edit its content.

ClassProvides preset border widths for annotations. See WidgetAnnotation.BorderWidth.
Class A widget annotation for a checkbox.
Class A widget annotation for a combobox.
Class Options to affect how compressed PDF documents are saved.
Class Represents a list of elements containing Paths and Texts that describe a clip state.
Class Provides the abstract class for PDE color data.
Class Represents CalGray color space.
Class Represents L*a*b* color space.
Class Represents CalRGB color space.
Class Represents DeviceN color space.
Class Represents ICC based color space.
Class Represents indexed color space.
Class Represents separation color space.
Class Represents PDE color range.
Class Represents a color space used on a page in a PDF file.
Class Represents PDE color specification.
Class Represents PDE color value.
Class Represents a group of elements on a page in a PDF file.
Class Represents a modifiable content of a PDF page, which contains elements.
Class Provides attributes of the PDE Content object.
Class Represents PDE dash.
Class Represents base class for the elements of a page display list (PDE content) and for clip objects.
Class Represents an array of filter specifications usually containing two or less filters: encoding and/or compression.
Class Represents a filter element in a filter array.
Class Represents a font used on a page in a PDF file.
Class Provides attributes for ImGearPDEFont and ImGearPDFSysFont.
Class Provides PDE Font creation parameters.
Class Represents PDE font information.
Class Represents an element corresponding to an instance of XObject Form on a page or other containing stream.
Class Provides attributes of a PDE element or a PDE text sub-element.
Class Represents a group of objects in PDE content.
Class Represents an Image XObject or in-line image.
Class Provides attributes of a PDE Image object.
Class Represents base class for all PDE objects.
Class Represents a path.
Class Represents an element that marks a place on a page in a PDF file.
Class Represents in-line or XObject pass-through PostScript object.
Class Provides attributes of a PDE PostScript object.
Class Represents a smooth shading object.
Class Represents an object for creating and manipulating a soft mask in a PDF file.
Class Represents a text object.
Class Represents a text item object.
Class Provides attributes of a PDE text element.
Class Represents a transparency (XGroup) resource.
Class Represents an arbitrary XObject.
Class Represents XYZ color data.
Class Provides general PDF functionality and access to the global properties and methods.
Class Represents a task that performs when a user clicks on a link or a bookmark.
Class Represents a hashed token used in place of strings to optimize performance.
Class Represents basic array object.
Class Represents basic boolean object.
Class Represents basic dictionary object.
Class Represents basic fixed object.
Class Represents basic integer object.
Class Represents basic name object.
Class Represents basic null object.
Class Represents basic abstract object.
Class Represents basic stream object.
Class Represents basic string object.
Class Represents a PDF bookmark.
Class Represents a particular view of a page in a document.
Class Represents a PDF dictionary.
Class Represents PDF document.
Class Represents PDF document page array.
Class Describes a matrix containing fixed numbers.
Class Describes a point (in two-dimensional space) represented by two fixed numbers.
Class Describes a quadrilateral with four fixed points (one at each corner).
Class Describes a rectangle by the coordinates of its four sides.
Class Represents a font.
Class Represents a image finder object that extracts images from a PDF file.
Class Represents a named object whose state can be toggled to affect changes in visibility of content.
Class Represents general PDF object that provides disposing routine for all unmanaged resources.
Class Represents PDF and PS pages.
Class Provides preflight capabilities.
Class Provides preflight capabilities.
Class Provides preflight reporting.
Class Provides PDF printing options.
Class Provides specific PDF options for saving.
Class Provides data for the standard security handler.
Class Represents a data stream that may be a buffer in memory, or an arbitrary user-written procedure.
Class Represents information about the fonts, font sizes, and colors used in a word.
Class Represents a system encoding for a PDF file.
Class Represents a font installed in the host system.
Class Represents a word in a PDF file.
Class Represents a word finder object that extracts words from a PDF file.
Class A widget annotation for a listbox.
Class A widget annotation for a push button.
Class A widget annotation for a radio group.
Class A widget annotation for a signature field (signature field is not fully supported).
Class A widget annotation for a textbox.
Class A widget annotation is the visual representation of a form field.
Delegate Delegate for the clip enumeration procedure.
Delegate Delegate describing format of the authorization procedure.
Delegate Delegate describing PDF stream clean up routine.
Delegate Delegate describing PDF stream reader.
Delegate Delegate describing PDF stream writer.
Delegate Delegate describing system font enumeration routine.
Enumeration The aviliable styles for the border of annotations that support borders.
Enumeration Specifies the level of compression to use for JBIG2.
Enumeration Specifies the level of compression to use for JPEG2K.
Enumeration Specifies the level of compression that should be used when compressing the JPEG images in a PDF.
Enumeration Specifies PDE content attributes.
Enumeration Specifies PDE element copy flags.
Enumeration Specifies flags for PDE font creation routine.
Enumeration Specifies PDE font flags for creation.
Enumeration Specifies font's attributes.
Enumeration Specifies font protection.
Enumeration Specifies a graphics state that was set.
Enumeration Specifies PDE image attributes.
Enumeration Specifies image data flags.
Enumeration Specifies pre-defined positions for inserting a PDE element into the content.
Enumeration Specifies path segment operators in PDE path elements.
Enumeration Specifies flags for paint operators in a PDE path.
EnumerationSpecifies PostScript attributes flags for ImGearPDEPSAttrs class.
Enumeration Specifies flags for SoftMask creation.
Enumeration Specifies font matching flags for SysFont find routine.
Enumeration Specifies system font package type.
Enumeration Specifies PDE text flags.
Enumeration Specifies types of PDF editing objects.
Enumeration Specifies creation flags for transparency group.
Enumeration Specifies types of basic PDF objects.
Enumeration Specifies PDF bookmark flags.
Enumeration Specifies a code page character-mapping.
Enumeration Specifies context flags.
Enumeration Specifies the types of PDF object destination.
Enumeration Specifies predefined PDF fixed-point constants.
Enumeration Specifies insert flags.
Enumeration Specifies PDF dictionary (OCMD) visibility policy types.
Enumeration Specifies PDF rendering methods used to draw PDF page content.
Enumeration Specifies pre-defined page number values.
Enumeration Specifies pre-defined page range values.
Enumeration Specifies the target objects of a permission request.
Enumeration Specifies the target operations of a permissions request.
Enumeration Specifies the status of PDF document related permissions methods.
Enumeration Specifies permissions wanted and granted for a document.
Enumeration Specifies types of supported preflight profiles.
Enumeration Specifies PDF preflight error codes describing incompliance with the specified profile.
Enumeration ImGearPDFPreflightStatusCode defines PDF preflight conversion result code.
Enumeration Specifies Acrobat revision numbers.
Enumeration Specifies bit field values that are combined to adjust how PDF documents are saved.
Enumeration Specifies flags for various information about the security and permissions.
Enumeration Specifies how a page is rendered (bit flags).
Enumeration Specifies standard security algorithms.
Enumeration Specifies PDF ASCII encoding.
Enumeration Specifies word finder algorithm versions.
Enumeration Specifies XFA content types the PDF document includes.
Enumeration Specifies the PostScript language levels.
Enumeration Specifies output PostScript types.
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