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ImGearDICOMTransferSyntaxes Enumeration

ImageGear24.Formats.Dicom Assembly > ImageGear.Formats.DICOM Namespace : ImGearDICOMTransferSyntaxes Enumeration
Specifies DICOM Transfer Syntaxes.
Public Enum ImGearDICOMTransferSyntaxes 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearDICOMTransferSyntaxes
public enum ImGearDICOMTransferSyntaxes : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearDICOMTransferSyntaxes : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearDICOMTransferSyntaxes : public System.Enum 
AUTODETECTAutodetect. This value is used with DICOM LoadSyntax format option, to allow automatic detection of transfer syntax.
DEFAULTDICOM default transfer syntax: Implicit VR Little Endian.
DEFLATED_EXPLICIT_VR_LEDeflated Explicit VR Little Endian.
EXPLICIT_VR_BEExplicit VR Big Endian (uncompressed).
EXPLICIT_VR_LEExplicit VR Little Endian (uncompressed).
IMPLICIT_VR_LEImplicit VR Little Endian: Default Transfer Syntax for DICOM (uncompressed).
JPEG_2000_PART_2_MULTI_COMPONENT_IMAGE_COMPRESSIONJPEG 2000 Part 2 Multi-component Image Compression.
JPEG_2000_PART_2_MULTI_COMPONENT_IMAGE_COMPRESSION_Lossless_OnlyJPEG 2000 Part 2 Multi-component Image Compression (Lossless Only).
JPEG_2KJPEG 2000 Image Compression.
JPEG_2K_LOSSLESS_ONLYJPEG 2000 Image Compression (Lossless Only).
JPEG_BASELINE_PR_1JPEG Baseline (Process 1): Default Transfer Syntax for Lossy JPEG 8 Bit Image Compression.
JPEG_EXTENDED_HIER_PR_16_18JPEG Extended, Hierarchical (Process 16 & 18) (Retired).
JPEG_EXTENDED_HIER_PR_17_19JPEG Extended, Hierarchical (Process 17 & 19) (Retired).
JPEG_EXTENDED_PR_2_4JPEG Extended (Process 2 & 4): Default Transfer Syntax for Lossy JPEG 12 Bit Image Compression (Process 4 only).
JPEG_EXTENDED_PR_3_5JPEG Extended (Process 3 & 5) (Retired).
JPEG_FULL_PROG_HIER_PR_24_26JPEG Full Progression, Hierarchical (Process 24 & 26) (Retired).
JPEG_FULL_PROG_HIER_PR_25_27JPEG Full Progression, Hierarchical (Process 25 & 27) (Retired).
JPEG_FULL_PROG_NONH_PR_10_12JPEG Full Progression, Non-Hierarchical (Process 10 & 12) (Retired).
JPEG_FULL_PROG_NONH_PR_11_13JPEG Full Progression, Non-Hierarchical (Process 11 & 13) (Retired).
JPEG_LOSSLESSJPEG Lossless, Non-Hierarchical (Process 14).
JPEG_LOSSLESS_HIER_PR_28JPEG Lossless, Hierarchical (Process 28) (Retired).
JPEG_LOSSLESS_HIER_PR_29JPEG Lossless, Hierarchical (Process 29) (Retired).
JPEG_LOSSLESS_NONH_FIRSTORDER_PR_14JPEG Lossless, Non-Hierarchical, First-Order Prediction (Process 14 [Selection Value 1]): Default Transfer Syntax for Lossless JPEG Image Compression.
JPEG_LOSSLESS_NONH_PR_14JPEG Lossless, Non-Hierarchical (Process 14).
JPEG_LOSSLESS_NONH_PR_15JPEG Lossless, Non-Hierarchical (Process 15) (Retired).
JPEG_LOSSYJPEG Baseline (Process 1): Default Transfer Syntax for Lossy JPEG 8 Bit Image Compression.
JPEG_LS_LOSSLESSJPEG-LS Lossless Image Compression.
JPEG_LS_LOSSYJPEG-LS Lossy (Near-Lossless) Image Compression.
JPEG_SPECTRAL_HIER_PR_20_22JPEG Spectral Selection, Hierarchical (Process 20 & 22) (Retired).
JPEG_SPECTRAL_HIER_PR_21_23JPEG Spectral Selection, Hierarchical (Process 21 & 23) (Retired).
JPEG_SPECTRAL_NONH_PR_6_8JPEG Spectral Selection, Non-Hierarchical (Process 6 & 8) (Retired).
JPEG_SPECTRAL_NONH_PR_7_9JPEG Spectral Selection, Non-Hierarchical (Process 7 & 9) (Retired).
MPEG2_MAIN_PROFILEMPEG2 Main Profile @ Main Level.
MPEG4_AVC_H264_BD_COMPATIBLE_HIGH_PROFILE_LEVEL_4_1MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 BD-compatible High Profile / Level 4.1.
MPEG4_AVC_H264_HIGH_PROFILE_LEVEL_4_1MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile / Level 4.1.
PART_10Autodetect. This value is used with DICOM LoadSyntax format option, to allow detection of DICOM Part10 compliant images.
RFC_2557_MIME_ENCAPSULATIONRFC 2557 MIME encapsulation.
RLERLE Lossless.
UNKNOWNUnknown transfer syntax.
XMLXML Encoding.
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