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Working with the Set of Images
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The ImageGear.Formats.DICOM namespace contains the ImGearMprProcessor class that provides functionality to perform multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) on the provided stack of images in any of the MPR views.

To perform MPR, the ImGearMprProcessor class instance should be initialized through one of its constructors, providing a collection of initial stack of images and the type of that stack orientation (Axial, Coronal or Sagittal).

Then GetPlane() could be used to obtain the MPR result applied on initial stack of images, providing the start/end positions of the MPR line and the type of the view, from which to perform MPR. The method returns the MPR result as an ImGearRasterPage class instance.

Similarly, GetPlaneSize() method could be used to calculate the expected dimensions of the MPR result page. The ImGearMprProcessor class also contains a static ValidatePages() method that could be used to check whether the MPR could be performed on the provided pages collection. The method will throw a corresponding exception if MPR cannot be performed on the provided pages.

The reconstructed view will have the same color space and bit depth as the original images. But the contrast/brightness could differ.