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The ImageGear.Formats.DICOM Namespace provides features that are used with medical and DICOM images.

To use the support for DICOM format as well as manipulate, transform, and process DICOM images, add the DICOM format to ImageGear's global formats list, as follows:

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ImGearFileFormats.Filters.Insert(0, ImGearDICOM.CreateDICOMFormat());

The format support of the MD component includes loading and saving monochrome, palettized, and true color medical images using the following file formats:

The ImageGear.Formats.DICOM namespace provides DICOM Presentation State objects that allow you to display images on various devices and media, to store specific settings for display (contrast transformations, geometric transformations), and to store ART annotations and to display multi-frame images.

In addition, your application will continue to support all ImageGear-supported file formats, allowing you to convert an image of a different format to a medical image format, and vice-versa.

The following sections discuss various aspects of working with these images:

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