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Get Method (ImGearFileFilters)

ImageGear24.Core Assembly > ImageGear.Formats Namespace > ImGearFileFilters Class : Get Method
The ID of the format.
Gets a format in the list based on the format ID.
Public Function Get( _
   ByVal formatId As ImGearFormats _
) As IImGearFormat
Dim instance As ImGearFileFilters
Dim formatId As ImGearFormats
Dim value As IImGearFormat
value = instance.Get(formatId)
public IImGearFormat Get( 
   ImGearFormats formatId
public: IImGearFormat* Get( 
   ImGearFormats formatId
IImGearFormat^ Get( 
   ImGearFormats formatId


The ID of the format.

Return Value

The IImGearFormat interface of a format in the list.
This method gets a format from the list, allowing you to access format's settings.

Use this method to manage format's control parameters and access the format's attributes (i.e., name, default file extension, etc.). If a format is not in the list, an exception is thrown.

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