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Supported Barcode Types
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Several barcode types are identified by multiple names. But in Barcode, they are referenced by a single enumeration, ImGearBarcodeType. The table below shows which barcode type and enumeration value must be mapped, and the editions that support that barcode.

Format Name 1D 2D
2D Barcodes
Aztec AztecBarcode   R
DataMatrix DataMatrixBarcode   R/W
PDF417 PDF417Barcode   R/W
QR Code QRCodeBarcode   R
1D Barcodes
Add-2 Add2Barcode R R
Add-5 Add5Barcode R R
Airline 2 of 5 IATA2of5Barcode R R
Australia Post 4-State Code AustralianPost4StateBarcode R R
BCD Matrix BCDMatrixBarcode R R
Codabar CodabarBarcode R/W R/W
Code 128 (A,B,C) Code128Barcode R/W R/W
Code 2 of 5 Industry2of5Barcode R R
Code 32 Code32Barcode R R
Code 39 Code39Barcode R/W R/W
Code 39 Extended Code39ExtendedBarcode R/W R/W
Code 93 Code93Barcode R/W R/W
Code 93 Extended Code93ExtendedBarcode R/W R/W
DataLogic 2 of 5 DataLogic2of5Barcode R R
EAN 128 (GS1, UCC) EAN128Barcode R/W R/W
EAN-13 EAN13Barcode R/W R/W
EAN-8 EAN8Barcode R/W R/W
Industrial 2 of 5 Industry2of5Barcode R/W R/W
Intelligent Mail (OneCode) IntelligentMailBarcode R R
Interleaved 2 of 5 Interleaved2of5Barcode R/W R/W
Invert 2 of 5 Invert2of5Barcode R R
ITF-14 / SCC-14 Interleaved2of5Barcode R R
Matrix 2 of 5 Matrix2of5Barcode R R
Patch Codes PatchCodeBarcode R/W R/W
PostNet PostNetBarcode R R
Royal Mail (RM4SCC) RoyalPost4StateBarcode R R
UCC 128 EAN128Barcode R R

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