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Specifies orientation of page or display.
Object Model
ImGearOrientation StructureImGearOrientation Structure
Public Structure ImGearOrientation 
   Inherits System.ValueType
   Implements IImGearOrientation 
Dim instance As ImGearOrientation
public struct ImGearOrientation : System.ValueType, IImGearOrientation  
public __value struct ImGearOrientation : public System.ValueType, IImGearOrientation  
public value class ImGearOrientation : public System.ValueType, IImGearOrientation  

This structure defines the orientation of an image. It works on the image representation and thus allows you to flip and rotate an image without modification of its data (pixels).

It is useful to manipulate the orientation of scanned black-and-white images. Since ImageGear for .NET stores such images using lossless compression, this may avoid significant expansion of memory usage while operating on these images.

Some file formats support orientation natively and this allows you to save flipped or rotated images without loss of pixel data or file size enlargement when using compression.

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