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ImGearErrorCodes Enumeration

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Specifies ImageGear error codes.
Public Enum ImGearErrorCodes 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearErrorCodes
public enum ImGearErrorCodes : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearErrorCodes : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearErrorCodes : public System.Enum 
ART_ACCESS_DENIEDDon't have sufficient permissions to access the ART object.
BARCODE_FAILUREThe barcode generic failure.
CANT_ADD_COLOR_TO_COLORBOOKCannot add color to color book.
CANT_CREATE_COLORBOOKCannot create new color book.
CANT_DETECT_FORMATCannot detect format.
CANT_FIND_FORMATCannot find format.
CANT_FIND_LAYER Could not find specified Layer.
CANT_FIND_LAYOUT Could not find specified Layout.
CANT_FIND_MODEL Could not find specified Model.
CANT_FIND_VIEW Could not find specified View.
CANT_FIND_VIEW_GROUP Could not find specified View Group.
CANT_LOAD_LIBRARYCannot load a specified library.
CANT_READ_PIXELSCannot read image pixels.
CANT_READ_PROFILECannot read profile.
CANT_SAVE_FORMATCannot save format.
CYCLIC_REFERENCECyclic reference.
DATA_STREAM_INCOMPLETEData stream incomplete.
DICOM_MPR_FAILURE DICOM Multi-Planar Reconstruction failure.
FFTW_NOT_INITIALIZEDSupport for FFTW is not initialized.
FORMAT_ALREADY_ADDEDThe specified format is already in the collection.
INCORRECT_DWG_PASSWORD Incorrect password for DWG.
INTERNAL_FAILUREInternal failure.
INVALID_BITCOUNT_FOR_FORMATInvalid bit depth for the specified format.
INVALID_CAMERA_VIEW_RECT Invalid VectRect for CADCamera.
INVALID_COMPLEX_OBJECTInvalid complex object.
INVALID_COMPRESSED_DATAInvalid compression data.
INVALID_COMPRESSIONInvalid compression.
INVALID_HEADER_FOR_FORMATInvalid header for the format.
INVALID_IMAGE_DIMENSIONSInvalid image dimensions.
INVALID_IMAGE_TILE_DIMENSIONSInvalid image tile dimensions.
INVALID_LOOK_UP_TABLEInvalid lookup table.
INVALID_PDF_EXPORT_OPTION Invalid option for exporting PDF.
INVALID_RESOLUTION_VALUE_FOR_FORMATInvalid resolution for using format.
INVALID_TYPEInvalid type.
IP_FUNCTION_NOT_APPLICABLE_TO_DIBThe IP method is not supported for the specified DIB.
JPEG2K_FAILUREThe JPEG 2000 failure.
MEDC_FAILUREMedC specific error code.
NOT_IMPLEMENTED_YETThe API is not yet implemented.
NOT_LICENSEDThe product of feature are not licensed.
OFFICE_LIM_IS_FULL LibreOffice Instance Manager has created the maximal count of LibreOffice instances.
OWNER_ALREADY_ASSIGNEDOwner has already been assigned.
OWNER_NOT_ASSIGNEDOwner has not been assigned.
PAGE_NOT_PRESENTThe specified page is not present.
PARAMETER_HAS_INVALID_VALUEThe parameter has an invalid value.
PROFILE_CONVERSION_FAILEDProfile conversion failed..
REC_CANT_CREATE_UNIQUE_SETTINGSCannot create a new settings collection.
REC_CHAR_UNREPRESENTABLE_BY_FONTThe PDF font selected for PDF export cannot fully represent all the characters in the output text.
REC_ENGINE_FAILUREThe recognition engine failure..
REC_FAILUREThe recognition generic failure.
REC_INSTANCE_DISPOSEDThe ImGearRecognition instance has been disposed.
REC_PDFA_STRUCTURE_FAILURECannot create PDF/A-1 compatible document.
REC_ZERO_RESOLUTIONImage is with zero resolution.
REQUIRE_8_16_32BIT_GRAYSCALE_1CHANNEL Require 8, 16 or 32bit gray-scale image with one channel.
REQUIRE_8BIT_GRAYSCALE_1CHANNEL Require 8bit gray-scale image with one channel.
SPOT_COLOR_IS_UNKNOWNSpot color is absent and cannot be displayed.
SUCCESSNo errors have been reported.
THUMBNAIL_NOT_PRESENTThis image does not contain a thumbnail.
TILE_NOT_PRESENTThe specified tile is not present.
TWAIN_OPERATION_CANCELEDThe TWAIN operation is canceled.
TWAIN_OPERATION_CANCELED_BY_EVENTThe TWAIN operation is canceled by event handler.
UNABLE_TO_UPDATE_CAD_RENDERER There was a problem with the CAD renderer. This is usually due to not being supported by the machine.
VALUES_ARE_INCOMPATIBLEThe specified values are incompatible.
WRONG_METADATA_FORMATWrong metadata format.
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