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Full Name PTOCA (Presentation Text Object Content Architecture)
Format ID ImGearFormats.PTOCA
File Extension(s) *.pto, *.mod
Data Type Metafile
Data Encoding Binary
Multi-Page Support Yes
Alpha Channel Support No
Metadata Update Support No
ImageGear Platforms Support WIN32, WIN64, .NET, .NET64

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ImageGear Filter Control Parameters

Filter Control Parameter Type Default Value Available Values Description
Factor DOUBLE 1.0   Linear DIB size Factor.


ImageGear can read PTOCA files as content of multi- and single-page MOD:CA files, ensuring better compatibility with IBM's AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) printer architecture.

The PT object structure starts with the "Begin Presentation Text" structure field and finishes with the "End Presentation Text" structure field. Text data is placed between these fields and consists of graphic characters and control sequences that describe how the text will be shown on the presentation surface. The PT object can include some other optional structured fields that define initial presentation text values. If PTOCA is included in the MOD:CA content, some presentation text parameters (like code page, font, an initial values) can be defined on the MOD:CA level.

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