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Full Name DWG (AutoDesk AutoCAD)
Format ID ImGearFormats.DWG
File Extension(s) *.dwg
Data Type Vector/CAD image
Data Encoding Binary
Multi-Page Support No
Alpha Channel Support No
Metadata Update Support No
ImageGear Platforms Support Win32, Win64, .NET, .NET64
DWG format requires ImageGear.Formats.CAD Namespace.

ImageGear Supported Versions

ImageGear Supported Features

ImageGear Read Support

ImGearCompressions.NONE - Vector/CAD data

ImageGear Write Support


ImageGear Filter Control Parameters

Filter Control Parameter Type Default Value Available Values Description
Password String "" String Used to set the password for encrypted files before reading.


DWG, short for "DraWinG", is a CAD file format which serves as the native file format for drawings created in AutoCAD. ImageGear supports toggling of Layouts, Views, and Layers for DWGs.