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Full Name DIB (Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap)
Format ID ImGearFormats.BMP
File Extension(s) *.dib
Data Type Raster image
Data Encoding Binary
Multi-Page Support No
Alpha Channel Support No
IG Metadata Update Support No
IG Platforms Support WIN32, WIN64, .NET, .NET64

ImageGear Supported Versions

See BMP format description.

ImageGear Supported Features

ImageGear Read Support

ImageGear Write Support

ImageGear Filter Control Parameters

Filter Control Parameter Type Default Value Available Values Description
UpsideDown bool false false, true If true then the images will be saved upside-down
Type int 1 (BMI, MS Windows format) 0 (BMC, OS/2 1.x format),

1 (BMI, MS Windows format),

2 (BMI2, OS/2 2.x format).
BMP type to use for saving.
Scanner16GrayEnabled bool false false, true Vidar 12-bit scanner options
Scanner16GrayType int 0 0, 1 Vidar 12-bit scanner options: 0 a no particular scanner is specified. 1 a old VXR 12 scanner.


DIB is a synonym for the BMP format.