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HD Photo Compression
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Full Name Microsoft HD Photo
Compression ID ImGearCompressions.HDPhoto = 20
ImageGear Assembly ImageGear24.Wpf Assembly
Bit Depth Grayscale: 1, 8, 16 bpp; RGB: 24, 48 bpp; RGBA: 32, 64 bpp; RGBPA: 32, 64 bpp; CMYK: 32, 64 bpp; CMYKEx: 40, 80 bpp; Extra: 3...9 channels x 8, 16 bpp
File Formats HD Photo
IG Platforms Support WIN32, .NET


Compression scheme used in the HD Photo (also known as WM Photo) image file format. HD Photo delivers a lightweight, high performance algorithm with a small memory footprint that enables practical, in-device encoding and decoding. It delivers compression quality comparable with JPEG-2000 and more than twice the quality of JPEG.

You need ImageGear.WPF Namespace to use this compression.