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ImageGear.WPF Namespace
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ImageGear24.Wpf Assembly : ImageGear.WPF Namespace
ImageGear.WPF namespace provides UI controls for use with the Windows Presentation Foundation framework.
Class Provides filtering properties for the PropertyGrid.
ClassProvides a magnified view of a portion of the image in ImageGear.Windows.Forms.ImGearPageView control.
Class Provides interactive magnifying glass style pop-up control for displayed images.
ClassAllows the visible portion of an image displayed in the ImageGear.Windows.Forms.ImGearPageView class control to be moved by dragging the mouse around in the image.
ClassSpecifies arguments for the ImGearThumbnailAfterLoadEventHandler delegate.
ClassSpecifies arguments for the ImGearThumbnailBeforeLoadEventHandler delegate.
Class Represents a thumbnail control.
Class Represents a thumbnail item displayed in the thumbnail browser.
ClassSpecifies arguments for the ImGearThumbnailItemEventHandler delegate.
Class Provides interaction logic for ThumbnailMagnifierCtl.xaml. ImGearThumbnailMagnifierCtl
Delegate Delegate for the AfterLoad item event.
Delegate Delegate for the BeforeLoad item event.
Delegate Delegate for the thumbnail item events.
Enumeration Specifies popup magnifier shape types.
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