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3D Artwork
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Starting with version 1.7, PDF introduces the capability for collections of 3D objects, such as those used by CAD formats, to be embedded in PDF files. Such collections are called 3D models, and PDF refers to them as 3D Artwork. In PDF documents, 3D Artwork is represented by 3D annotations stored in Universal 3D (U3D) format.

The ImageGear.Formats.PDF namespace allows the following 3D features:

This section provides information about the following:

Working Process

ImageGear 3D Artwork processing integrates the following namespaces:

3D PDF Artwork is converted into the ART Image mark referencing a vector ImGearPage Class, so it can be edited, interacted with, and/or saved back to PDF.

3D Interaction is possible in the ART RUN Mode, by clicking over the mark and using the popup 3D toolbar. Users can rotate, scale, and move 3D data, as well as change light and view settings. 

U3D XML Import and Export

The vector Image mark representing 3D data can be exported to XML in the U3D format. While saving to XML, vector ImGearPage associated with the Image mark will be converted to U3D stream and saved to XML Data tag. While loading from XML, U3D stream will be loaded as a vector ImGearPage and will be attached to the Image mark.