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ImageGear ART can convert ART marks to PDF annotations and PDF annotations to ART marks giving the user an ability to edit PDF annotations using the same ImageGear ART Forms GUI.

The following table lists all the ART marks that can be converted to PDF annotations and describes how the marks are being converted: 

ART Marks PDF Annotations
Text FreeText
Legacy Typed Text FreeText
Legacy Text Stamp FreeText
Legacy Text From File FreeText
Legacy Attach-A-Note FreeText
Rich Text (RTF) FreeText
Rectangle Square
Legacy Filled Rectangle Square
Legacy Hollow Rectangle Square
Legacy Redaction Square
Legacy Highlighter Square
Ellipse Circle
Legacy Filled Ellipse Circle
Legacy Hollow Ellipse Circle
Image (vector) 3D
Line Line
Legacy Arrow Line
Polyline and Freehand Polyline PolyLine
Polygon Polygon
Legacy Filled Polygon Polygon
Legacy Hollow Polygon Polygon

The following PDF annotations can be converted to ART marks:

PDF Annotations ART Marks
3D Image (vector)
Free Text (simple style text) Text
Free Text (RTF style text) Rich Text
Line Line
Square Rectangle
Circle Ellipse
PolyLine Polyline
Polygon Polygon
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