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Country constants.
Public Enum ImGearCountries 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ImGearCountries
public enum ImGearCountries : System.Enum 
__value public enum ImGearCountries : public System.Enum 
public enum class ImGearCountries : public System.Enum 
AFGHANISTANCountry of Afghanistan.
ALBANIACountry of Albania.
ALGERIACountry of Algeria.
AMERICANSAMOACountry of American Samoa.
ANDORRACountry of Andorra.
ANGOLACountry of Angola.
ANGUILLACountry of Anguilla.
ANTIGUACountry of Antigua.
ARGENTINACountry of Argentina.
ARMENIACountry of Armenia.
ARUBACountry of Aruba.
ASCENSIONICountry of Ascensioni.
AUSTRALIACountry of Australia.
AUSTRIACountry of Austria.
AZERBAIJANCountry of Azerbaijan.
BAHAMASCountry of Bahamas.
BAHRAINCountry of Bahrain.
BANGLADESHCountry of Bangladesh.
BARBADOSCountry of Barbados.
BELARUSCountry of Belarus.
BELGIUMCountry of Belgium.
BELIZECountry of Belize.
BENINCountry of Benin.
BERMUDACountry of Bermuda.
BHUTANCountry of Bhutan.
BOLIVIACountry of Bolivia.
BOSNIAHERZGOCountry of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
BOTSWANACountry of Botswana.
BRAZILCountry of Brazil.
BRITAINCountry of Britain.
BRITVIRGINISCountry of British Virgin Islands.
BRUNEICountry of Brunei.
BULGARIACountry of Bulgaria.
BURKINAFASOCountry of Burkina Faso.
BURMACountry of Burma.
BURUNDICountry of Burundi.
CAMAROONCountry of Camaroon.
CAMBODIACountry of Cambodia.
CANADACountry of Canada.
CAPEVERDEISCountry of Cape Verde Islands.
CAYMANISCountry of Cayman Islands.
CENTRALAFREPCountry of Central African Republic.
CHADCountry of Chad.
CHILECountry of Chile.
CHINACountry of China.
CHRISTMASISCountry of Christmas Island.
COCOSISCountry of Cocos Island.
COLOMBIACountry of Colombia.
COMOROSCountry of Comoros.
CONGOCountry of Congo.
COOKISCountry of Cook Islands.
COSTARICACountry of Costa Rica.
CROATIACountry of Croatia.
CUBACountry of Cuba.
CYPRUSCountry of Cyprus.
CZECHOSLOVAKIACountry of Czechoslovakia.
CZECHREPUBLICCountry of Czech Republic.
DENMARKCountry of Denmark.
DIEGOGARCIACountry of Diego Garcia.
DJIBOUTICountry of Djibouti.
DOMINCANREPCountry of Dominican Republic.
DOMINICACountry of Dominica.
EASTERISCountry of Easter Island.
ECUADORCountry of Ecuador.
EGYPTCountry of Egypt.
ELSALVADORCountry of El Salvador.
EQGUINEACountry of Eqguinea.
ERITREACountry of Eritrea.
ESTONIACountry of Estonia.
ETHIOPIACountry of Ethiopia.
FAEROEISCountry of Faeroe Islands.
FALKLANDISCountry of Falkland Islands.
FIJIISLANDSCountry of Fiji Islands.
FINLANDCountry of Finland.
FRANCECountry of France.
FRANTILLESCountry of French Antilles.
FRGUIANACountry of French Guiana.
FRPOLYNEISACountry of French Polyneisa.
FUTANAISCountry of Futana Islands.
GABONCountry of Gabon.
GAMBIACountry of Gambia.
GEORGIACountry of Georgia.
GERMANYCountry of Germany.
GHANACountry of Ghana.
GIBRALTERCountry of Gibralter.
GREECECountry of Greece.
GREENLANDCountry of Greenland.
GRENADACountry of Grenada.
GRENEDINESCountry of Grenedines.
GUADELOUPECountry of Guadeloupe.
GUAMCountry of Guam.
GUANTANAMOBAYCountry of Guantanamo Bay.
GUATEMALACountry of Guatemala.
GUINEACountry of Guinea.
GUINEABISSAUCountry of Guinea-Bissau.
GUYANACountry of Guyana.
HAITICountry of Haiti.
HONDURASCountry of Honduras.
HONGKONGCountry of Hong Kong.
HUNGARYCountry of Hungary.
ICELANDCountry of Iceland.
INDIACountry of India.
INDONESIACountry of Indonesia.
IRANCountry of Iran.
IRAQCountry of Iraq.
IRELANDCountry of Ireland.
ISRAELCountry of Israel.
ITALYCountry of Italy.
IVORYCOASTCountry of Ivory Coast.
JAMAICACountry of Jamaica.
JAPANCountry of Japan.
JORDANCountry of Jordan.
KENYACountry of Kenya.
KIRIBATICountry of Kiribati.
KOREACountry of Korea.
KUWAITCountry of Kuwait.
LAOSCountry of Laos.
LATVIACountry of Latvia.
LEBANONCountry of Lebanon.
LESOTHOCountry of Lesotho.
LIBERIACountry of Liberia.
LIBYACountry of Libya.
LIECHTENSTEINCountry of Liechtenstein.
LITHUANIACountry of Lithuania.
LUXENBOURGCountry of Luxenbourg.
MACAOCountry of Macao.
MACEDONIACountry of Macedonia.
MADAGASCARCountry of Madagascar.
MALAWICountry of Malawi.
MALAYSIACountry of Malaysia.
MALDIVESCountry of Maldives.
MALICountry of Mali.
MALTACountry of Malta.
MARSHALLISCountry of Marshall Islands.
MAURITANIACountry of Mauritania.
MAURITIUSCountry of Mauritius.
MAYOTTEISCountry of Mayotteis.
MEXICOCountry of Mexico.
MICRONESIACountry of Micronesia.
MIQUELONCountry of Miquelon.
MOLDOVACountry of Moldova.
MONACOCountry of Monaco.
MONGOLIACountry of Mongolia.
MONTSERRATCountry of Montserrat.
MOROCCOCountry of Morocco.
MOZAMBIQUECountry of Mozambique.
MYANMARCountry of Myanmar.
NAMIBIACountry of Namibia.
NAURUCountry of Nauru.
NEPALCountry of Nepal.
NETHANTILLESCountry of Neth Antilles.
NETHERLANDSCountry of Netherlands.
NEVISCountry of Nevis.
NEWCALEDONIACountry of New Caledonia.
NEWZEALANDCountry of New Zealand.
NICARAGUACountry of Nicaragua.
NIGERCountry of Niger.
NIGERIACountry of Nigeria.
NIUECountry of Niue.
NORFOLKICountry of Norfolk.
NORTHKOREACountry of North Korea.
NORWAYCountry of Norway.
OMANCountry of Oman.
PAKISTANCountry of Pakistan.
PALAUCountry of Palau.
PANAMACountry of Panama.
PARAGUAYCountry of Paraguay.
PERUCountry of Peru.
PHILLIPPINESCountry of Phillippines.
PITCAIRNISCountry of Pitcairn Islands.
PNEWGUINEACountry of Papua New Guinea.
POLANDCountry of Poland.
PORTUGALCountry of Portugal.
PUERTORICOCountry of Puerto Rico.
QATARCountry of Qatar.
REUNIONICountry of Reunioni.
ROMANIACountry of Romania.
RUSSIACountry of Russia.
RWANDACountry of Rwanda.
SAIPANCountry of Saipan.
SANMARINOCountry of San Marino.
SAOTOMECountry of Saotome.
SAUDIARABIACountry of Saudi Arabia.
SENEGALCountry of Senegal.
SERBIACountry of Serbia.
SEYCHELLESISCountry of Seychellesis.
SIERRALEONECountry of Sierra Leone.
SINGAPORECountry of Singapore.
SLOVAKIACountry of Slovakia.
SLOVENIACountry of Slovenia.
SOLOMONISCountry of Solomonis.
SOMALICountry of Somali.
SOUTHAFRICACountry of South Africa.
SOUTHKOREACountry of South Korea.
SPAINCountry of Spain.
SRILANKACountry of Sri Lanka.
STHELENACountry of St Helena.
STKITTSCountry of St Kitts.
STLUCIACountry of St Lucia.
STPIERRECountry of St Pierre.
STVINCENTCountry of St Vincent.
SUDANCountry of Sudan.
SURINAMECountry of Suriname.
SWAZILANDCountry of Swaziland.
SWEDENCountry of Sweden.
SWITZERLANDCountry of Switzerland.
SYRIACountry of Syria.
TAIWANCountry of Taiwan.
TANZANIACountry of Tanzania.
THAILANDCountry of Thailand.
TOBAGOCountry of Tobago.
TOGOCountry of Togo.
TONGAISCountry of Tongais.
TRINIDADCountry of Trinidad.
TUNISIACountry of Tunisia.
TURKEYCountry of Turkey.
TURKSCAICOSCountry of Turks Caicos.
TUVALUCountry of Tuvalu.
UAEMIRATESCountry of United Arab Emirates.
UGANDACountry of Uganda.
UKRAINECountry of Ukraine.
UNITEDKINGDOMCountry of United Kkingdom.
URUGUAYCountry of Uruguay.
USACountry of United Stats of America.
USSRCountry of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
USVIRGINISCountry of US Virgin Islands.
VANUATUCountry of Vanuatu.
VATICANCITYCountry of Vatican City.
VENEZUELACountry of Venezuela.
VIETNAMCountry of Vietnam.
WAKECountry of Wake.
WALLISISCountry of Wallisis.
WESTERNSAHARACountry of Western Sahara.
WESTERNSAMOACountry of Western Samoa.
YEMENCountry of Yemen.
YUGOSLAVIACountry of Yugoslavia.
ZAIRECountry of Zaire.
ZAMBIACountry of Zambia.
ZIMBABWECountry of Zimbabwe.
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