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SpellingLanguage Property

ImageGear24.Recognition Assembly > ImageGear.Recognition Namespace > ImGearRecRecognitionSettings Class : SpellingLanguage Property
Gets or sets language used for checking.
Public Property SpellingLanguage As ImGearRecLanguage
Dim instance As ImGearRecRecognitionSettings
Dim value As ImGearRecLanguage
instance.SpellingLanguage = value
value = instance.SpellingLanguage
public ImGearRecLanguage SpellingLanguage {get; set;}
public: __property ImGearRecLanguage get_SpellingLanguage();
public: __property void set_SpellingLanguage( 
   ImGearRecLanguage value
property ImGearRecLanguage SpellingLanguage {
   ImGearRecLanguage get();
   void set (    ImGearRecLanguage value);

Property Value

ImGearRecLanguage enumeration value.
This property specifies the Spelling language for the language checking of the checking subsystem.

The default value is ImGearRecLanguage.AUTO.

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