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The ImageGear Recognition namespace API offers a set of objects that provide access to document recognition technology. It enables you to build OCR applications for the Windows .NET development environment.

ClassProvides access to settings specific to the ImGearRecModule.ASN (Asian) recognition module.
ClassProvides event arguments to event handlers for the CheckWord property event.
ClassCollection of ImGearRecCodePage objects (Code Pages for writing recognition output).
Class Class that provides a conversion of the recognized data to the specified format.
ClassImage to be recognized, associated with an ImGearRecPage class object and exposed via ImGearRecPage.Image property.
ClassRepresents a single recognized letter, returned as an array by ImGearRecPage.GetLetters method.
ClassCollection of recognition engine modules, belongs to ImGearRecognition class object.
Class Provides access to information and settings for a recognition module.
ClassProvides access to settings specific to the MOR (multi-lingual omnifont recognition) recognition module.
Class Represents the recognition engine.
Class Collection of ImGearRecOutputFormat objects (output formats for writing recognition output).
Class Provides access to output settings and methods to output recognized data.
Class Represents a single image imported into the recognition engine.
Class Specifies options for creating PDF page from the recognition output.
ClassProvides access to settings for preprocessing, belongs to ImGearRecognition.
ClassContains arguments for the ImGearRecognition.Progress event.
Class Provides ability to enable or disable languages for recognition.
Class Provides the settings that govern the recognition process.
Class Base class for objects that access a Settings Collection.
ClassStatistics from recognition processes, exposed via ImGearRecPage.Statistics property.
Class Represents an item (word) in the user dictionary.
Class Provides access to the user dictionary used for recognition.
Class Represents a recognition zone.
Class Collection of zones for a page, belongs to ImGearRecPage object.
Structure Contains information about a Code Page used for writing recognition output.
Structure Represents an output format for writing recognition output.
DelegateEvent handler for the ImGearRecZone.CheckWord property event.
DelegateThis is the delegate used to pass ImGearRecognition.Progress events on to an application event handler.
Enumeration Defines opinion values for user-written word checking.
Enumeration Identifies methods for decomposing the document into zones.
Enumeration Identifies image deskewing modes.
EnumerationSpecifies Direct text output formats. These are the formats that are supported by WriteDirectText method.
Enumeration Identifies recognition error codes.
Enumeration Identifies zone filling methods.
Enumeration Identifies character set filters.
Enumeration Provides character font information.
Enumeration Identifies image inversion modes.
Enumeration Identifies the different languages supported directly by the Recognition namespace.
Enumeration Identifies public license features.
Enumeration Provides character makeup information.
Enumeration Identifies the modules of the OmniPage recognition engine.
Enumeration Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression quality grades to reduce image visual quality in favor of higher compression.
Enumeration Identifies image orientation modes.
Enumeration Identifies code page categories.
Enumeration Identifies pre-defined levels of the format retention for the final output document.
Enumeration Identifies processes of the recognition engine.
Enumeration Identifies recognition modules of the OmniPage recognition engine.
Enumeration Identifies image conversion modes to be applied for conversions from grayscale or 24-bit color image sources.
Enumeration Determines recognition resolution enhancement mode.
Enumeration Specifies possible space types.
Enumeration Tradeoff between accuracy and speed for recognition process.
EnumerationDefines flags for the ImGearRecZone.Checking property.
Enumeration Determines Zone types.
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