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PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel Enumeration

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PDF417 Error correction levels.
Public Enum PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel
public enum PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel : System.Enum 
public enum class PDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel : public System.Enum 
ErrorCorrection0 Error Correction Level 0 - 2 Code words
ErrorCorrection1 Error Correction Level 1 - 4 Code words
ErrorCorrection2 Error Correction Level 2 - 8 Code words
ErrorCorrection3 Error Correction Level 3 - 16 Code words
ErrorCorrection4 Error Correction Level 4 - 32 Code words
ErrorCorrection5 Error Correction Level 5 - 64 Code words
ErrorCorrection6 Error Correction Level 6 - 128 Code words
ErrorCorrection7 Error Correction Level 7 - 256 Code words
ErrorCorrection8 Error Correction Level 8 - 512 Code words
ErrorCorrectionAuto Auto error correction level - choses the best error correction level based on the number of code words in the data stream.

The error correction level for the PDF417 ranges from a low of 0 (2 code words of error correction) to a high of 8 (512 code words of error correction). A high error correction level should be used in application where symbol damage is expected. It is recomended that the Auto error correction level be used in most cases.

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