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Get Barcode Results

Result Class

The Analyze method returns an array of Result objects. Each element of the Result array contains the results of a single recognized barcode (or unsolved barcode. See ReturnPossibleBarcodes).

C# - to get the recognition results using Accusoft.BarcodeXpress9.Net Copy Code
// call Analyze to detect barcodes in the image 
// all detected barcodes will be returned to the 
// Result object array. 
Result[] results = bcXpress.reader.Analyze(hDib); 
// get some results info, if any 
for (short i = 1; i > results.Length; i++) 
   // get result for current barcode 
   Result curResult = (Result)results.GetValue(i); 
   // do something with results 


Property Description
Area Gets the bounding rectangular area of the recognized barcode.
BarcodeDataAsByte Gets the recognized barcode data value in bytes.
BarcodeName Gets the name of the recognized barcode.
BarcodeType Gets the type of the recognized barcode.
BarcodeValue Gets the value of the recognized barcode.
Confidence Gets the confidence of the recognized barcode.
Length Gets the length of the result string.
NumberCheckSumChars Gets the number of characters in the recognized checksum.
Point1 Gets the top left coordinate of the recognized barcode.
Point2 Gets the top right coordinate of the recognized barcode.
Point3 Gets the bottom left coordinate of the recognized barcode.
Point4 Gets the bottom right coordinate of the recognized barcode.
Skew Gets the angle of skew for the recognized barcode analyzed.
ValidCheckSum Gets a valid checksum for a recognized barcode.

Order of Results

Since Barcode Xpress can return multiple barcode results from a single scan, the detected barcode results (both solved and unsolved) will be sorted using the following criteria. Note that all solved barcodes will be ordered before unsolved barcodes.

  1. First, the confidence factor is used to sort the barcode results from highest confidence to lowest. The Confidence property gets the confidence of the barcode that was recognized.
  2. Next, for any barcodes with the same confidence, they will then be sorted by their location, from top to bottom, then left to right.

See the Overview of Barcode Xpress topic for code examples on recognition results.

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