Point1 Property
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Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace > Result Class : Point1 Property

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Gets the top-left point of the recognized barcode.


Visual Basic
Managed Extensions for C++

Property Value

A System.Drawing.Point object.


See the Result Class description for general information about retrieving results.

Point properties 1 through 4 locate the corner points of linear 1D barcodes. When the barcode is in the horizontal orientation, BarcodeXpress reads it from left to right, assigning values to the Point 1 through 4 properties. The Point1 property is the upper-left corner point of the barcode. With any rotation of the barcode on the image, the Point value assigned to the corners rotates with the barcode. No matter what the rotation is, the Point properties always identify the same corner point of the barcode.

See the Boundary and Point Properties topic in the Barcode Xpress User Guide under Concepts -> Specifications for more information.

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