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Code 93
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Code 93 is a bar code symbology which encodes 43 data characters (0-9, A-Z, 6 symbols, and Space), four shift characters, and a unique start/stop character. Code 93 derives its name from the fact that every character is constructed from 9 modules arranged into 3 bars with their adjacent spaces.

The Code 93 character set includes the digits 0-9, the letters A-Z (uppercase only), and the following symbols: space, minus "-", plus "+", period ".", dollar sign "$", slash "/", and percent "%". Barcode Xpress will generate an error if you have characters in your barcode value that are not allowed.

Code 93 requires a quiet zone, which should be at least the width of 10 narrow bars. This means that if you set the MinimumBarWidth property to 3 pixels (narrow bar size), you should set the HorizontalWhiteSpace property to 30 pixels. Code 93 requires two checksum characters, sometimes referred to as the "C" and "K" characters.

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