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Supported Barcode Types
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Several barcodes types are identified by multiple names. But in Barcode Xpress, they are referenced by a single enumeration.

The table below shows which barcode type and enumeration must be mapped, and the editions that support that barcode.

Format .Net 1D Standard Edition /
1D Professional Edition
1D/2D Standard Edition /
1D/2D Professional Edition
2D Barcodes
Aztec AztecBarcode   R
Data Matrix DataMatrixBarcode   R/W
MicroPDF417 MicroPDF417Barcode R
PDF417 PDF417Barcode   R/W
QR Code QRCodeBarcode   R/W
1D Barcodes
Add-2 Add2Barcode R R
Add-5 Add5Barcode R R
Airline 2 of 5 IATA2of5Barcode R R
Australia Post 4-State Code AustralianPost4StateBarcode R R
BCD Matrix BCDMatrixBarcode R R
Codabar CodabarBarcode R/W R/W
Code 128 (A,B,C) Code128Barcode R/W R/W
Code 2 of 5 Industry2of5Barcode R/W R/W
Code 32 Code32Barcode R R
Code 39 Code39Barcode R/W R/W
Code 39 Extended Code39ExtendedBarcode R/W R/W
Code 93 Code93Barcode R/W R/W
Code 93 Extended Code93ExtendedBarcode R/W R/W
DataLogic 2 of 5 DataLogic2of5Barcode R R
EAN 128 (GS1, UCC) EAN128Barcode R/W R/W
EAN-13 EAN13Barcode R/W R/W
EAN-8 EAN8Barcode R/W R/W
GS1 DataBar GS1DataBarBarcode R R
Industrial 2 of 5 Industry2of5Barcode R/W R/W
Intelligent Mail (OneCode) IntelligentMailBarcode R R
Interleaved 2 of 5 Interleaved2of5Barcode R/W R/W
Invert 2 of 5 Invert2of5Barcode R R
ITF-14 / SCC-14 Interleaved2of5Barcode R R
Matrix 2 of 5 Matrix2of5Barcode R R
Patch Codes PatchCodeBarcode R/W R/W
PLANET PlanetBarcode R R
PostNet PostNetBarcode R R
Royal Mail (RM4SCC) RoyalPost4StateBarcode R R
UCC 128 EAN128Barcode R R
UPU 4-State UPU4StateBarcode R R

BarcodeResultResultStyle and MakeBarcodeStyle start with BC_Style instead of BC_Type.