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Create a Barcode
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Basic Steps to Create a Barcode

  1. Set the Barcode Value and Type you want to create
    Property Description
    MakeBarcodeValue Uses a string as a valid value for the specified barcode type to create.
    MakeBarcodeStyle Gets and sets the type of barcode to create.
  2. Call the MakeBarcode method to create a barcode
    Method Description
    MakeBarcode Creates a barcode determined by the previously set properties defined above.
  3. Get the resulting image




    Returns a handle to the barcode (DIB) Device Independent Bitmap.


    Returns the barcode DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) for a 32-bit environment.

    MakeBarcodeDIB64 Returns the barcode DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) for a 64-bit environment.


VB  Example - Minimum VB code to write
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'set the required writer properties

'call MakeBarcode to create barcode

'get the resulting image from MakeBarcodeDIB (or MakeBarcodePic) property
ImagXpress1.hDib = BarcodeXpress1.MakeBarcodeDIB

1D barcode values are generally 7 bit ASCII, except for Code 128, which permits the use of 8 bit data. If you are using values above 127, you must use the SetMakeBarcodeDataValue method instead of the MakeBarcodeValue property, and your data must be encoded. Also, the reader and writer must both use the same character set. 

See the Overview topic for more code examples on writing barcodes.

Barcode Xpress provides many additional methods and properties to use in barcode creation. See the Accusoft BarcodeXpress namespace topic for API information on methods and properties.

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