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Code 93 Extended
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Similar to Code 39 Extended, Code 93 Extended is a superset of Code 93. Extended characters are encoded by using a pair of Code 93 characters. For example, a lowercase "a" is encoded by the character pair "+A". The difference in Code 93 Extended, when compared to Code 39 Extended, is that the shift character used to encode an extended character is a reserved character, and not one of the standard 43 characters in the Code 93 character set. Code 93 Extended supports the full ASCII character set.

Code 93 requires a quiet zone, which should be at least the width of 10 narrow bars. This means that if you set the MakeBarcodeBarSize property to 3 pixels (narrow bar size), you should set the MakeBarcodeBWidth property to 30 pixels. Code 93 requires two checksum characters, sometimes referred to as the “C” and “K” characters.

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