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Code 32
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Code 32 is an Italian pharmacy code. It is a variant version of Code 39: it uses the exact same symbol set, stop and start code and rules, but restricts the characters that may be encoded to just digits and capital letters excluding the vowels (‘A’, ‘E’, ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘U’). Otherwise, it shares all the other advantages of Code 39.

Since Code 32 is a subset of Code 39, Barcode Xpress assumes the barcode is a Code 39 type when detecting all 1D types. The barcode type should be set specifically to Code 32 to read this barcode type correctly.

If you use Barcode Xpress to detect Code 32 barcodes, you should set the BarcodeTypes property to this type so that the barcode engine specifically looks for Code 32. If you don’t tell the barcode engine to specifically look for Code 32 barcodes, it might confuse a Code 32 barcode with a Code 39 barcode.
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