Accusoft BarcodeXpress v12.2 - Updated
ImageSource Property
AccusoftBarcodeXpress12 ActiveX DLL > BarcodeXpress Object : ImageSource Property
This property has been deprecated and replaced by the AnalyzehDib and AnalyzeIPicture methods.
Property Type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property ImageSource As BC_ImageSource
Return Type
The BC_ImageSource enumeration value set.

This property has been deprecated and replaced by the AnalyzehDibAnalyzehDib64, and AnalyzeIPicture methods.

The default is BC_ImageSourceDIB.

The ImageSource property must be set before using the AnalyzeBarcode method.

If this property is set to BC_ImageSourceDIB, it is the responsibility of the caller to free this resource when the analysis is complete and the DIB is no longer needed.

The recommended bitmap source is a DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) or the clipboard, and not the Picture property, since it returns a low resolution Device Dependent Bitmap (DDB).

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