Accusoft BarcodeXpress v12.2 - Updated
GetBarcode Method
AccusoftBarcodeXpress12 ActiveX DLL > BarcodeXpress Object : GetBarcode Method
An integer value which represents the zero-based index number of the recognized barcode.
Returns the data for the barcode found at the specified index value within the array returned by AnalyzeDIB.
Visual Basic
Public Sub GetBarcode( _
   ByVal BarcodeNum As Integer _
An integer value which represents the zero-based index number of the recognized barcode.

Valid values are from 0 to NumBarcodes -1.

The GetBarcode method should be called after the AnalyzehDib or AnalyzeIPicture method has been called, and barcodes were found.

Since Barcode Xpress can return multiple barcode results from a single scan, the detected barcode results (both solved and unsolved, with solved barcodes ordered before unsolved barcodes) will be sorted using the following criteria:

Example - GetBarcode Results in an array
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'Sort the results top to bottom
        Dim BarcodeArray() As BarcodeInfo
        Redim BarcodeArray(0 To BarcodeXpress1.NumBarcodes - 1)
        ' fill the user type array
        For i = 0 To BarcodeXpress1.NumBarcodes - 1
            BarcodeXpress1.GetBarcode i
            BarcodeArray(i).CodeName = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeCodeName
            BarcodeArray(i).result = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeResult
            BarcodeArray(i).CheckSumOK = BarcodeXpress1.CheckSumOK
            BarcodeArray(i).Confidence = BarcodeXpress1.Confidence
            BarcodeArray(i).Length = BarcodeXpress1.ResultLen
            BarcodeArray(i).X = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeX
            BarcodeArray(i).Y = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeY
            BarcodeArray(i).H = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeH
            BarcodeArray(i).W = BarcodeXpress1.BarcodeW
        Next i
        ' actual sort results top to bottom
        Dim temp As BarcodeInfo
        For i = Ubound(BarcodeArray) - 1 To 0 Step -1
            For j = 0 To i
                If BarcodeArray(j).Y > BarcodeArray(j + 1).Y Then
                    temp = BarcodeArray(j + 1)
                    BarcodeArray(j + 1) = BarcodeArray(j)
                    BarcodeArray(j) = temp
                End If
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