Accusoft BarcodeXpress v12.2 - Updated
BC_BarcodeType Enumeration
AccusoftBarcodeXpress12 ActiveX DLL : BC_BarcodeType Enumeration
Option value which determines the barcode type.
BC_TypeAdd2131072Indicates an Add 2 barcode type.
BC_TypeAdd565536Indicates an Add 5 barcode type.
BC_TypeAustralianPost4State268435456Australian Post 4 State barcode.
BC_TypeAztec536870912Aztec barcode.
BC_TypeBCDMatrix32Indicates a BCD Matrix barcode type.
BC_TypeCodabar512Indicates a Codabar barcode type.
BC_TypeCode1282048Indicates a Code 128 barcode type.
BC_TypeCode32128Indicates a Code 32 barcode type.
BC_TypeCode39256Indicates a Code 39 barcode type.
BC_TypeCode39Extended8388608Indicates a Code 39 Extended barcode type.
BC_TypeCode931024Indicates a Code 93 barcode type.
BC_TypeCode93Extended16777216Indicates a Code 93 Extended barcode type.
BC_TypeDataLogic2of58Indicates a DataLogic 2 of 5 barcode type.
BC_TypeDataMatrix4194304Indicates a DataMatrix barcode type.
BC_TypeEAN128262144Indicates an EAN-128 barcode type.
BC_TypeEAN134096Indicates an EAN-13 barcode. This also supports a JAN barcode which is an EAN-13 with country code 49.
BC_TypeEAN88192Indicates an EAN-8 barcode type.
BC_TypeIATA2of54Indicates an IATA 2 of 5 barcode type.
BC_TypeIndustry2of51Indicates an Industry 2 of 5 barcode type.
BC_TypeIntelligentMail67108864United States Postal IntelligentMail 4 State barcode.
BC_TypeInterleaved2of52Indicates an Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode type.
BC_TypeInvertiert2of516Indicates an Inverted 2 of 5 barcode type.
BC_TypeMatrix2of564Indicates a Matrix 2 of 5 barcode type.
BC_TypePatchCode524288Indicates a Patch Code.
BC_TypePDF4172097152Indicates a PDF417 barcode type.
BC_TypePostNet1048576Indicates a PostNet barcode type.
BC_TypeQRCode33554432QR Code barcode.
BC_TypeRoyalPost4State134217728Royal Post 4 State barcode.
BC_TypeUnknown0Indicates an unknown barcode.
BC_TypeUPCA16384Indicates a UPC-A barcode type.
BC_TypeUPCE32768Indicates a UPC-E barcode type.
The default value is BC_TypeUnknown.