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UnableCreateUPCEException Class

Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace : UnableCreateUPCEException Class
This exception is thrown if the function to expand a UPC-E value to a UPC-A value fails.
Object Model
UnableCreateUPCEException Class
Public NotInheritable Class UnableCreateUPCEException 
   Inherits BarcodeException
Dim instance As UnableCreateUPCEException
public sealed class UnableCreateUPCEException : BarcodeException 
public __gc __sealed class UnableCreateUPCEException : public BarcodeException 
public ref class UnableCreateUPCEException sealed : public BarcodeException 
Note: This error signifies an internal failure, and cannot be triggered intentionally by the user. It will most likely never occur, but exists only because this is a special-case funtion necessary to create the UPC-E symbol. This error can only be returned when creating a UPC-E barcode symbol.
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