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ModeTransitions Property

Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace > Result Class : ModeTransitions Property
Gets an array of the number of state transitions the reader goes through while decoding the barcode.
Public ReadOnly Property ModeTransitions As ModeTransition()
Dim instance As Result
Dim value() As ModeTransition
value = instance.ModeTransitions
public ModeTransition[] ModeTransitions {get;}
public: __property ModeTransition*[]* get_ModeTransitions();
property array<ModeTransition^>^ ModeTransitions {
   array<ModeTransition^>^ get();

Property Value

An array of ModeTransition values.

When reading a barcode, many symbologies will go through state changes that may give extra context as to the content types inside the barcode (eg. Kanji). This member was added to give the user extra information about the inner workings of the barcode's state.

Note: Currently only enabled with QR Codes.

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