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Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace : Result Class
The Results Class includes properties used to return barcode recognition results.
Object Model
Result ClassResultInfo2D Class
Public Class Result 
Dim instance As Result
public class Result 
public __gc class Result 
public ref class Result 

The Reader.Analyze method returns an array of Result objects. Each element of the Result array contains the results of a single recognized barcode (or unsolved barcode. See Reader.ReturnPossibleBarcodes).

Since BarcodeXpress can return multiple barcode results from a single scan, the detected barcode results (both solved and unsolved) are sorted using the following criteria.

Note: All solved barcodes are ordered before unsolved barcodes.

Four points describe the location of the barcode on the image:

using Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk;
// call Analyze to detect barcodes in the image
// all detected barcodes will be returned to the
// Result object array.
Result[] results = bcXpress.reader.Analyze(hDib);
// get some results info, if any
for (short i = 0; i < results.Length; i++)
   // get result for current barcode
   Result curResult = (Result)results.GetValue(i);
   // do something with results
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