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BarcodeTypes Property

Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace > Reader Class : BarcodeTypes Property
Gets and sets the type of barcodes to analyze during recognition processing.
Public Property BarcodeTypes As Array
Dim instance As Reader
Dim value As Array
instance.BarcodeTypes = value
value = instance.BarcodeTypes
public Array BarcodeTypes {get; set;}
public: __property Array* get_BarcodeTypes();
public: __property void set_BarcodeTypes( 
   Array* value
property Array^ BarcodeTypes {
   Array^ get();
   void set (    Array^ value);

Property Value

The BarcodeType set.

By default, the barcode engine searches for all 1D barcodes. The 1D barcode set includes all types, except PatchCodeBarcode, PostNetBarcode, GS1 DataBar, IntelligentMail, Royal Post Mail 4-State, Australian Post 4-State, QR Code, PDF417Barcode, Aztec and DataMatrixBarcode

Barcode types can be combined. The example below demonstrates creating an array of BarcodeTypes.

Default value: BarcodeType.UnknownBarcode (all 1D barcodes)

Notes: If an unknown barcode type and a specified barcode type are flagged, then only the specified barcode type is searched for. For example, if you flagged both UnknownBarcode and Aztec, only Aztec is detected. If you want to search for Patchcodes, you must only specify the PatchCodeBarcode type. If any other type is also selected, Barcode Xpress will search for that other type instead.

// Create BarcodeType Array
System.Array currentBarcodeTypes = new BarcodeType[2];
// Add barcode types
currentBarcodeTypes.SetValue(BarcodeType.Industry2of5Barcode, 0);
currentBarcodeTypes.SetValue(BarcodeType.Interleaved2of5Barcode, 1);
// Set the BarcodeTypes property
barcodeXpress.reader.BarcodeTypes = currentBarcodeTypes;
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